Lucy’s crew

Quiet little Lucy surprised me late Tuesday morning. She’d been digging a bit in her crate the night before and a little that morning, but that was about it. I hadn’t even started to take her temperature yet! I was sitting at my computer with my back to her (just behind me is the piano, then couch, then Lucy’s crate by the couch) thinking I should take her temp this morning before I head outside to do some other chores. When all of a sudden I heard a tiny cry! There had been no panting, no fussing, no frantic digging, no noises, until that sweet little pup made its’ first sound.  <3

I quickly went over to check things out and see what she’d had and start drying off the puppy. The rest came in fairly quick succession. It only took her an hour and twenty minutes to pop out five, unique little puppies!

002I think that one is smiling for the camera 😉

So what do we have? That pretty Blenheim on the far right is our girl. Yep, one girl in a sea of brothers! :O

We have the “smiling” blenheim boy, and his three dark brothers, that I’m still trying to figure out?! One looks like he’s black and white, but one closer examination, I see some brown hairs. So I’m thinking he might actually be a very dark sable. Then their is another dark sable (although not as dark) and lastly we have what I call a brown phantom or maybe it would be a sable tri?? I’m not even sure what to call it. His body is the dark sable-y color, but he has the telltale brown cheek patches and brown spot under the tail.

Let’s just agree that we ended up with some exotic colors! <3

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4 Responses to Lucy’s crew

  1. Donita Grace says:

    They are so cute. Wish I was higher on the waiting list. ❤️

  2. Patti says:

    What beautiful little babies! Congrats!

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