I’m surrounded by them. Well, not so much anymore, but growing up with a brother, and now living with a husband and raising three boys, I’ve always been around the masculine gender more than not.

These days the kids are grown and gone, so it’s just me and hubby. Although my brother-in-law lives close by and is here nearly everyday. Then on Saturdays we usually have my husband’s best buddy hanging out with us.

So yesterday it was time to put those guys to work!

061062067Okay, most people wouldn’t consider this work. 😉

Nothing like three big guys socializing little adorable puppies! <3

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2 Responses to Guys

  1. Colleen Sasges says:

    Looks like you are surrounded by beautiful souls. 😊

    Little Miss Daisy at the beach. She even dog paddled out to me.


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