Matching has started

Just a heads up for those at the top of the waiting list. I have started contacting people about our current puppies. So if you’re towards the top please make sure and check your email (and your spam folder) for any note from me.

The process takes a while, because I have to wait to hear back from people before moving down the list. I don’t want to contact too many people ahead of time and get their hopes up in case there are no puppies available when I get to their name.

I am trying to get our older puppies matched first of course, since they will be going home in less than a month! But I’m also checking if people might be interested in Lucy’s puppies, although we most likely won’t be matching them until they are a few weeks older. It does get complicated sometimes when there are different aged litters around.

If anyone is say, in the top fifteen on the list and would like to send me an email, that would be great! (I can’t guarantee I will get clear to #15, but usually there are people that pass when I’m puppy matching and I get further down the list than first anticipated). Please let me know if this is a good time for you to get a pup and what you are and aren’t interested in. That will save me a bit of work. And if you’ve already checked in, thanks! Faith/Reba pups will go home September 3rd and I tentatively have Lucy’s pups penciled in to go home on October 8th.

Thanks everyone!

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4 Responses to Matching has started

  1. patti moro says:

    Hi Jennifer

    I know we are number 15, but after the last group of pups, we know anything could happen.

    WE ARE READY! (I even have brought some toys ). We do want a girl.

    My friend Maryanne is getting Faith, and she is so excited. We thought it would be so fun to get our girls together to play once we have our pup.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Patti and Peter 971 219-6191

  2. Janel Drugge says:

    Hi Jennifer, I know we are around #17 but thought I would send an email! We would like a Ruby/Apricot/Red color and prefer female. “Ruby” is so cute! I am sure she will be matched before us but wanted to let you know we would love a puppy similar to her. We are so excited! Thanks for all you do and the fun pics you post. Hope you are enjoying summer! Janel

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