Puppy daze

All of our puppies are doing well!

Faith and Reba’s pups are matched to their forever homes and we’re making plans for the big delivery day and helping their parents get ready. They will be eight weeks old tomorrow!

They have been taking turns playing outdoors in the back yard, in the garden and in the house. We’re still introducing them to new objects. They’ve had visitors to meet and some new animals too; (Ben, the cats, and some of the adult dogs). They have finished their first type of de-wormer, started on the second type and will get one more before they head home. Tomorrow they will be getting their first puppy vaccination in preparation for their vet visit next week. They’ve started on clicker training and some challenges to help them think and problem solve, and we’ll be adding more of those this week. They are completely weaned off their moms now too (Although I saw Reba climb the little fence outside into the puppy’s play area and sit for Samuel to nurse. R-E-B-A!) and have a crate to sleep in together at night. This week we’ll work on some individual feeding and crate training.

Lucy’s litter has turned three weeks old. And you know what that means? Yep, I’ll be posting individual pictures with their names like I always do at the three week mark. Try not to roll your eyes when you hear the names. 😉 I’ll also get a weight on each one so they can have their first dose of de-wormer.

Their eyes are all open, we have finished ENS with them and they are just starting to toddle around on very unsteady legs. I have started startle and recovery with them now since their ears are open and they’re reacting to noise. And within the next couple of days, they will move with mom to the puppy play pen and be introduced to the low litter box (UGOdog). And we’ll let them have a new toy to investigate each day. (I just found some new ones at my favorite second hand store).

097Kind of a strange place to fall asleep little one. 😉

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