Ready to race?

I told you you might laugh at my name choices. But when that third puppy was born with a “racing stripe” down his back and tail, it got me thinking. And because my husband and I spent many Sunday’s at the drag strip during high school, I went with famous race car drivers (of different genres) and I’ve put ribbons on them now so you all can identify them easier.


IMG_0887IMG_0883IMG_0870“Don” (Big Daddy Don Garlits)~green ribbon

IMG_0924IMG_0914IMG_0920“Dale” (Dale Earnhardt)~blue ribbon

IMG_0892IMG_0889IMG_0897“Mario” (Mario Andretti)~black ribbon

IMG_0898IMG_0902IMG_0908“Shirley” (Shirley Muldowney)~yellow ribbon

IMG_0858IMG_0856FullSizeRender (20)

“Richard” (Richard Petty)~red ribbon

Puppies pictured @ 3 weeks ❤


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