I sometimes wish my house was bigger. It’s hard at times to find room for all the dog crates, Iris pens and puppy play pens in here, plus people!  😉  But I’m thankful for what I have.

The dogs on the other hand are getting an addition! Priorities, people. 😉 hehe

The dog house started out as an extension of our barn. My husband built a run-in shed (on the far left for the horses to come into; it doesn’t usually have hay in it), then the middle sections were for hay and storage.)

027It looks a little strange here, as he’s already taken the roof off.

Then he had to build a new pole barn to store the hay in.

008He used the trusses (which were actually large pallets) off the old barn section for this one. Then he used some recycled metal for the roofing.

062063He’s been working hard on the dog’s new house since he finished the hay barn and we got all the hay moved.

The stem walls are done and the concrete will be poured tomorrow!

Stay tuned for more updates on the progress. I’ll explain a bit more about what’s to come in future posts. I’m super excited for the extra room for the dogs and I.

Thanks hunny! <3

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