Stuff it

I love toys that are interactive and keep the dogs and puppies thinking and busy! Kong is one brand that makes toys like this, but there are many others now also.

I’ve been making these up for Samuel, Pearl and Ruby. It’s a good way to feed them a meal (and make them work for it). Might as well keep their minds busy while filling their tummies!

049These are not Kongs, but a similar toy that our WalMart carries.

053First I fill them with puppy kibble.

054Then I “seal” the hole with that squeezy cheese from a can.

052You can also use peanut butter. BUT please check your peanut butter label for artificial sweeteners that can be deadly to your pet. I always buy the Adams brand from Costco which only has peanuts in it.

Then just stick them in your freezer until the cheese or peanut butter hardens.

Samuel and Ruby spent a nice half hour in their crates this morning busily eating their breakfast this way.

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