Can you pick out your kids voices out of a crowd of chattering children? Or your spouse in a room full of people? It’s a pleasant feeling to hear that familiar sound.

Here on the Pinewood farm, most of the “voices” I hear are animals communicating. It’s amazing how they have different sounds. For instance, we have three horses here. The most vocal is the boss mare. The one who always think it’s time to eat. 😛 Pretty much every time I walked out the door she hollers at me, “NEIGH!” “No, Gracie, it’s not time to eat again.”

(That’s Gracie’s brother. He has a nice baritone voice😉)
And then there’s the dogs. When I first let them out in the morning, it’s a noisy place to be. Most are wiggly, excited and a bit vocal. And then if the big yard dog shows up, the noise escalates. But even in a pack I can pick out individual “voices”. Allie’s frantic “raa, raa, raa!” She’s afraid of the big dogs. I’ve seriously had my neighbors (thankfully they’re family) call me thinking a dog was being killed, and it was just Allie barking at the big dogs. Then there’s Jules’ gruff “voice”. She is the cutest little Cavalier with the perpetual puppy look, but she’s got a bark like a gruff male voice. Noah talks to me. “Ruff, ruff!”, which translates please pet me now. Not to be outdone by his equally talkative daughter, Treasure. But her’s is a faster, higher pitched, “yap, yap, yap!” as her body wiggles simultaneously.

My husband’s aunt stopped by yesterday and looking over at the dogs playing in their yards,  asked me, “Do you really know all of their names?”


“Seriously?” I was like;  “do you know all your kid’s names?” 😂

“Of course, I know all their names!” Those are my fur-kids. ❤️

I not only know there names, but most of the time like I said, I can tell who’s barking without looking at the culprit.

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