Not as I’d planned

Yesterday was supposed to be a very productive day. Was is the key word there. 😛

It was a big Spokane day; meet Ruby’s dad at the airport around noon, then head to my future daughter-in-law’s house to drop off her dog that I’d been babysitting for the past week, then do some shopping, head back to her house to hang out and do computer work (update puppy pictures, blog, etc) until my two (local) sons would be arriving at the airport from their trip to Italy. They were arriving a bit after nine that night. The one lives in Spokane, and the other still considers home his base (although he’s rarely here), so I’d be taking him home with me.

I’d have several hours of good internet to get stuff done at Brooke’s house before having to pick up the guys and head home.

That is, until we got a frantic text from the oldest in the middle of the night (they were nine hours ahead in Italy). They were two hours late to the airport because of a large accident (not involving them thankfully), and so missed their flight! Poor guys eventually got their flights re-booked, but had to sit in the airport for seventeen hours.

So there went my long productive evening with good internet.  I did get Ruby dropped off, Rousey dropped off (Brooke’s Boxer) and got some shopping done before heading back to the hills.

So today, I’ll be updating the Lucy puppy pictures (a day late!) and getting our wait list updated.

Since we have four of the five Lucy pups matched, I’ll remove those names, add the names of new people that have filled out applications and sent their fee, and remove a few that have dropped off our list.

Have a great day everyone!


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