Moving right along

For anyone who missed the previous posts; this is an addition that my husband is building on to our current dog house so the dogs have more room. There will be some added amenities that I’m super excited about! I’ll share about those later. 017018020021Skylight! (just kidding) 😉

023But this is the beautiful view out one back window.  😀

061Next the tar paper.

063Yay! We have a roof that matches the first dog house and our house! (He had to make an adjustment where it meets the horse’s run-in shed on the left portion).

154And then when we were in Spokane delivering Faith to her new mom, we stopped at Home Depot for some windows and a door!

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  1. Dee says:

    I still vote for your talented hubby to build a Bed & Barkfast on your back forty. 🛏🐶

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