Race drivers at the vet

It’s check-up time for Lucy’s Cavapoo puppies! Their last pit stop to make sure the engines were running clean and smooth before hitting the home stretch! šŸ˜‰

013012.JPG017016.JPGAll loaded in their crate in my truck and ready to hit the road!


We have safely made it to the vet. It’s over an hour drive on windy roads and they did great. Hardly a whimper, everyone held their bladder and nobody got carsick! Good job puppies!

They had a ten to fifteen minute break in the back of my truck. It was enough time to get the wiggles out and go potty. Then it was time to go inside for their check-ups.

032First it was Shirley’s turn. Ladies first, you know. šŸ˜‰

037Then it was the big guy’s turn. Good boy, Mario!

039Dale looks like he’s enjoying the cuddle while he gets checked over. <3

041When Richard/Joey grows up he’s going to be embarrassed by this personal picture. You know, like our kids are when we share bare baby pictures at their graduations. šŸ˜‰ At least, he has all his parts.

049And last, but surely not least, it was Don’s turn.

051Eileaha loves when I bring puppies in for their check-ups!

The puppies all did great! Dr Jess gave them all thorough exams; checking heart, lungs, ears, patellas, skin, boy parts, etc. They all checked out “normal”. The vet ran a fecal exam from a fresh stool sample I brought with me and that came back negative. The puppies that needed micro-chips or a health certificate got that done. Now they are ready to head to their new homes on Sunday!

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