That was a short break

Yes, my tiny living room is full again; full of large dog crates containing precious little bundles. And we’re not done. There is one more mom to go. Then we should be done for this year. We have some beautiful babies and I expect more pretty colors from our last mom. She should finish us off with a really nice variety between all three Cavapoo litters.

Jules and her precious little one are doing well. As are Allie and her purebred Poodle babies. (I think she gave birth to a standard Poodle though. Man, that boy is ginormous!!)

Flower quietly popped her’s out this morning and is now nestled cozily with her babies in front of the wood stove. I’ll let them settle in a few days before I divulge the details. 😉

Thankfully, at this age (as long as new puppies don’t need to be supplemented) my “job” is fairly easy; frequent checks on mom and babies, letting them rest, keeping beds changed and food and water coming!

That reminds me; I need to go make another batch of puppy pudding!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Wow. How exciting. Get some rest.

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