My day off

As most of you know, I take a doggie business day off. Obviously, the needs of the dogs and puppies are still tended too, and I occasionally share an adorable picture or video that might happen that day. But as for the “business” part of things, Saturday (actually Friday night sundown to Saturday night sundown) is my break from the world. I have an appointment with my Creator that day. 😉

Yesterday we spent the day at church, enjoying a yummy potluck lunch afterwards, and then a trek up a mountain with a group of friends to enjoy  the beauty around us on a gorgeous fall day.

So even though this isn’t really Cavapoo related, I just thought I’d share a snippet of my life (since I got some cool pictures). 😉

310315Of course the new pup had to go too. It was a great time for her to meet some new people.

316When we finally reached our destinations (a boulder with a view), Cajsa wasn’t sure how to get up the rock, so I picked her up and plopped her on my shoulders. She was very relaxed up there with a nary a wiggle.320321322448324It was worth the climb! That sliver of blue to the right of the tall tree and at the bottom of the far mountain range, is the mighty Columbia River.

334“Mom, what is that human doing over the edge?”

378Where can we explore next.

399409My grand-dog came too. 😉

422And when the baby got tired, we took turns carrying her. <3

It was a nice day in the Pacific Northwest mountains.


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