She’s attached

048This girl loves me <3 (The feeling is mutual) And wants to be with me at all times if possible.

Yesterday I needed to run to town for some errands and shopping. I went outside to start my cold blooded truck to warm it up while I finished getting ready. Then came back in and let all the moms, Reba and Hope outside for one last potty break. I finished getting ready, put my coat and vest on the couch, made my lunch, then went to let the girls back inside. No Reba. Where’s Reba?

I know. I opened the front door and saw what I expected; Reba sitting by my truck. She knew I was going somewhere and wasn’t going to let me go alone if she could help it! Do you think she came when I called her from the front door? No way. She wasn’t budging. I had to go out, scoop her up and carry her back inside.

I gathered my lunch, made sure everybody was in their respective crate/puppy pen, then turned to head out the door. And guess what I saw?

Reba, curled up tight on my coat and vest that were setting on the couch, waiting for me to grab as I headed out the door.

Sorry, Reba. It’s much too cold for you to go with me and sit in the truck while I do my shopping.

Silly girl. She is definitely attached. <3

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