These two

Every morning, the dogs got outside first thing, for potty and exercise time. When it’s not winter and the weather is nice, they stay outside during the day. But now that winter has arrived, it’s a quicker trip.

I usually let the house dogs out first, then the dog house dogs, and while they’re out doing their thing, I head over to feed and water the horses, feed the cats, then go take care of the chickens and ducks.

By the time I get everyone feed and watered, the dogs have had some time to do their business and run around a bit. So I head back to the dog yards to do my pooper scooper duty, fill up water buckets and then let the dogs back into the dog house.

As soon as I open the door, the whole pack runs happily back inside.

085Except these two clowns….

Oakley is a total outdoorsy dog. She loves being outside, now matter what the weather. And Clancy, well, they grew up together as puppies and that’s her buddy. Not sure if that’s the reason he doesn’t want to come in, but we’ll run with it 😉 hehe

So out I go, to scoop these two up and carry them inside where it’s warm and dry. (Yes, I’m such a good dog trainer). 😛

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  1. Susan Redmond says:

    Oakley is over two now. Is it possible that love is in the air?

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