Last night as I came in the front door from doing my nightly chores, my husband said to me (with a little smirk on his face), “What would you do without animals?” Apparently, he’d been spying on me out the window as I loved on Ben (our big guardian dog) who was lounging on his bed on the porch and then turned to pet Zeus the cat who had jumped up there for some attention.

I replied, “I would be very sad.” But then quickly added, but I’d have you honey, and you’re kind of like an animal; you big Chewbacca.”

Now, before I get in trouble for that statement, let me explain myself. That wasn’t meant in a derogatory way. Back when we started dating in high school (yes, we go way back!), my husband was 6’4″ tall, had long hair and a beard. Yes, a beard in high school! Star Wars had just come out (the first one) and well, he got nicknamed Chewbacca because he was tall and shaggy too. 😉

(Minus the beard here. Yes, that’s a polaroid.)

So hopefully, I’ll always have my four-legged and two-legged animals with me. ❤️

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