“That’s ‘Princess’ Hope”

I called my vet today to make some upcoming appointments. One was to have Hope spayed. With a cleft palate, there is no way we would ever breed her. And with our fence scaler, Sundae, I don’t want the chance of an accidental breeding.

It’s funny;Β  she was so tiny at birth, and with her “issues” she had and the struggle to survive, that she would be the first of all the sisters to go in season. They all just turned a year old in December and she’s going through her second season already!

The tech was taking down her information for the appointment (Hope had been there a couple times as a puppy, so she was under my “Puppies” file, but did not have her own folder yet). When she typed in “Hope” under the name section it wouldn’t let her use it since we had had another Hope years ago. So she said, “I’ll just put her in as Hope II”.Β  And then I said, “Can you put her in as “Princess Hope, cause that’s what she is?”


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  1. Esther Herst says:

    As Hope the first’s “mom”, I guess I now need to think of her as Queen Hope since Hope the second is the princess. There’s no question but that they’re both quite royal & know it!

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