Snow day…again

We’ve had some beautiful spring “teaser” weather in the past week or so; gorgeous clear blue skies and no snow. It made us feel like spring was on the way. Then the other morning we woke up to more snow. Winter is not quite over. So I snapped a few pictures that morning to share during our outside break time.

672Silly girls; Jules, Rose, Mercy & Treasure. (Jules, Rosie, and Treasure are part of our “mom” crew. Mercy is Hope’s sister and just one of the pups growing up here.)

702This is Treasure. She has the absolute prettiest Cavalier face! <3 (But trying to keep those ears brushed out is another story!)

722First thing in the morning everybody goes out to potty and get a drink. (Each dog goes to bed with dinner in their own crate. Here are Hazel, Mercy, Rosie, Glory, and Sundae at the ‘ol waterin’ hole. (Hazel is one of our young adult Poodles that will soon be joining the “mom” group (hopefully), and the two black and tans (Mercy & Glory) are part of the puppy crew growing up still. Rosie and Sundae are two parent dogs.)

736He is his father’s son, and just as sweet! This is Justice, Hope’s big brother.

755One of the big “dogs” 😉 This is Jester enjoying his breakfast. Jester is one of our three horses, who was rescued off a feedlot as a four-month-old foal. Feedlot horses are most often shipped to Canada and Mexico for slaughter. Yes, they still do that. 🙁

779This is the boss horse, Gracie. Gracie was born and raised here. We also owned her dam who we had to put down about a year ago, just two weeks shy of her thirty-third birthday! And that’s Toby (our Cavapoo with a Poodle haircut) who is not supposed to be in the horse pasture!

Can’t wait for spring to actually get here! 😀

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