A fun update

Joey’s mom and I have corresponded back and forth quite often about her little fur-pup.  Here was a recent email:

“Hi, Jennifer,
If you have been wondering about this Boy Wonder,  wonder no more.  Joey is now 7 months old and ready for college.  He can do it all and does it well.
He weighs 11 pounds, prob less without his double teeth.  (Waiting for his bottom teeth to all fall out as well as the canines.)
Thanks for everything!  He’s beyond…..
Hugs , A”

I emailed back….

“I think I may need to do a blog update on this little man…look at that handsome profile! That’s for the update and adorable pics! So what will he be majoring in at college? 😉 ”

(I mean seriously, wouldn’t you want to know what a dog is taking in college? 😉 )

Her response…

“Paws and thumbs up on your idea, which is a great one!!

Show him something once and he does it flawlessly.  Rings  🛎 for attention, it’s hysterical!  Talks ( like his Dad), leaps like a doe, sits at the table without prompting, waves, spins/ twirls in a circle,  sits and waits up to 2 mins attended.  Won’t bore you but you’re getting the picture.
University  of Miami posted an article on adolescence in puppies 7-12 months.  Tough age and tests patience which is prob why so many people give up their puppies at this stage. Truly a lot of work and dedication.
Gearing up for outpatient therapy for his academics. Likely pediatrics as he loves kids, especially.  When he sees a commercial with children,  he walks up to the screen and wags his tail incessantly.   Separately, he is intrigued with tree cutters- perhaps he remembers when you were out in the forest gathering firewood. “Timber!”
If you need more pics let me know.  It DOES take a village!
And here are some pictures of the adorable scholar <3

Joey is what I consider a dark sable and white (parti). A lot of the sables are lighter when groomed because the black color is more on the tips of the coat. Joey is still very dark even when clipped. He was Richard from our famous race car drivers litter out of Lucy and Noah last August.

Thanks to his mom for sharing!

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