Vitamin D therapy

We’ve had a few days in a row of sunshine. It’s been wonderful. And the snow is starting to melt. I don’t want to get too excited, but I think spring is finally on the way!

The dogs and I enjoyed some extra Vitamin D therapy today as it was one of the first really nice days to be outside in the sunshine.

244Jules, Reba and the youngsters. Oh, and that’s Sundae visiting in the background with Reba’s pups.254Glory and Gracie on the “look-out” spot.

259Poser, much? Oh, Treasure, you’re such a silly girl!

265Two fences later and Sundae is in another yard. 😉

268Hi, Lucy!

273<3 Cavaliers are just so stinkin’ cute! (Smudge, Gracie, Treasure, and Glory)

283It’s almost time for a haircut, Allie!

288You’re a little young to be flirting with him, Glory. Give yourself time to be a kid and have fun for a while. 😉

291Hmm…maybe another future couple someday? (Hazel and Justice)

278Another obstacle to climb on!

305My little odd-ball <3

316Noah and (photobomber Rosie) in the back. 😉

322Can’t wait for more sunshiney days to be outside with the “kids”!



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