For me there are actually more than four seasons in a year. There are actually five. 🖐

The fifth season can come at any time of year. It can come between summer and fall, or between winter and spring. It can even coincide with another season as it has now. It can even come more than once a year!

This season is interesting, exciting, challenging and necessary. It has arrived. And I am glad for it.

It is the season of Tired.

So if you see me in town or at church with faulty steps and baggy eyes, or you call on the phone and I seem a bit incoherent or if you get an email with me babbling incessantly, please bear with me. (Seriously, my husband was looking at me strangely this morning.)

The season of Tired has enveloped me because…….we have puppies again.❤️🤪

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