Vet adventure

As most of you know, Rosie went to get an x-ray on Friday to see how many “buns are in the oven”. 😉

When we arrived, I took her over to the potty area to see if she’d go before going inside. As I headed to the area, I saw a lady with two large dogs already there, so I aimed for the opposite side so we’d be far away from them. I set Rosie down (all 24.4 lbs of her!) and told her to “go potty”). My head was down watching her and the day was a bit breezy so my hair was in the way and I didn’t notice what the other dogs were doing. Not until this ginormous Great Dane barreled in determined to get to Rosie. Mercy! I about had a heart attack! My first instinct was to pull up on the leash to get her off the ground (which you can’t do with an almost 25 lb dog) so I choked the poor dog in the process as I bent over and floundered to scoop her rotund body up into my arms. Whew! The dog was still fixated on getting to her, so I had to use my leg to deflect him away from us.  I still didn’t know if he was intent on hurting her or just curious, but I wasn’t taking any chances!

The poor owner was very apologetic and grabbed the big galoot, wrapping the leash around its neck and dragged it back to her vehicle. I found out it was just a big puppy (so probably was more curious about the pudgy little dog and not intent on doing harm) and somehow had slipped out of its collar. Thankfully, no harm was done. Although I was a bit worried that the stress and excitement of the whole episode might send her into labor.

I carried her into the office (there was no way I was putting her down now!) and waiting for them to get the x-ray room ready. I set her down on the table, stepped out while they took the picture, then stepped back inside to see what we had.

Rosie’s x-ray was not easy to read compared to Lucy’s. The vet said it was due to how “dense” she was. (Did she just call my dog “fat”?!) hehe (Seriously, pictures can’t grasp how big she truly is. But if you could put your hands on her or try to pick her up you’d understand.) So since the x-ray wasn’t as easy to read as some, we don’t have a definitive number, but we do have a really good guesstimate of seven to eight puppies! That’s a lot of puppies! 😳

I lugged Rosie back out to the truck and then grabbed my second “patient”. Yes, I took something new with me to get checked out. 😬 (But that’s for another blog post and I’m going to make you wait).

And just before we left some people came in with a soggy, wet box of crying kittens they had found dumped behind Safeway. Why do people dump innocent baby animals?!  I wonder what happened to their mother or was she somewhere frantically looking for her babies? Heartbreaking. 💔

Thankfully, the gals at the clinic quickly got to work caring for and feeding the starving little babies. Only one of the five had its eyes open, so they had to be only a couple weeks old.

Our vet visit surely did turn into an adventure that day!

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