Rosie’s day

Well, it looks like we’re done.

Rosie and her littles are tucked into their warm crate. Everything went fairly well. We have various sizes as you can imagine with a large litter. Which means I’ll have to help Rosie out and supplement the smaller ones to make sure they get enough groceries. There is one very teeny one too. When you have a variety of sizes, the big ones tend to push their way into the milk bar easier and more often, making it hard for the smaller ones to get all they want.

Rosie did amazing! Of course, I’m a hover mother and am right there in case she needs assistance getting a puppy out of the sack or making sure she doesn’t chew a cord too short.

Knowing ahead of time she was going to have a large litter, I tried to think of everything I would need for the delivery and anything extra that might help.

So when I was in town at the feed store the other day, I picked up an egg incubator thinking it might work as a puppy warmer.

When mom is busy cleaning the newest pup, a puppy warmer is a good place to set the other pups so they are not in the way of mom and the newest mess. (Puppy deliveries are not neat and clean adventures for sure! I won’t “gore” you with the details) 😉

Sneek peak!

Isn’t it amazing how perfect they are at birth! Look at those tiny, long, sharp toenails and only a couple hours old. ❤️

Poor Hope is just exhausted from the day’s activities. 😜😂

We will give mom and babies a few days to settle in and make sure everyone is doing well then we’ll share the colors/genders. Sorry, you’ll have to wait just a bit longer. 😉

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    Mazel tov!

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  2. ahuva hammer says:

    good for you Jennifer, no C section, you were the best Deula Rosie needed, great idea to keep babies warm, may they all grow up healthy and strong and be loved as much as you obviously love Rosie and the whole crew. I cant wait to see the pictures when you are ready. Good Luck

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