Tic Tac Toe anyone?

This tic tac toe game is another thing I like to introduce the puppies too (along with lots of other silly things). Each little piece flips, and moves and turns. Sometimes the puppies step on it and flip one and sometimes they try walking across the whole thing!

024This other big toy is a children’s toy that has lights and sounds. The puppies find it very intriguing. They even crawl back and forth through the middle opening.

025026028029030031032033035036037038039040037.PNGTic tac toe anyone?

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2 Responses to Tic Tac Toe anyone?

  1. Mary EDWARDS says:

    When I showed Dosey, now 11 pounds, these photos, she was flummoxed by how small those puppies are. When I told her she used to be small like that, she was silent for a long moment, then said, “That’s amazing.” Yes it is. (Thanks for giving our puppy such a good start!) Love, Mary


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