An amazing weekend

Wow! It was an amazing weekend!

We did our first ever group puppy “hand-off” to their forever families with six of Rosie’s seven puppies. I can’t thank you all enough for agreeing to meet like that. It gave me the opportunity to attend my soon to be daughter-in-law’s bridal shower!

Berry’s family had made special arrangement’s to come to our house late Saturday night (after sundown to accommodate Sabbath for us). They had traveled a long distance and needed to catch an early morning flight out before our group meeting on Sunday morning.

But before they arrived we starting to have some activity going from our pregnant Flower!

Things progressed well for the first couple hours, and then she was at a standstill…

Meanwhile, Berry’s parents arrived and we commenced with going through his puppy packet, visiting and answering questions. After they headed back to Spokane, I got on the phone to my vet to see what we could do about Flower’s “stalled” delivery. (It had been a few hours since the last pup had been born and things needed to get going soon or we were looking at a possible C-section (it was about eleven-thirty by now)).

Thankfully, I had some medication on hand (and got the okay from my vet) to try it. And probably less than ten minutes later, Flower was having contractions again and finished up delivering the last of her litter. Whew!

Now that the pups had safely arrived and were settling in, I could finish my last minute preparations for tomorrow’s big day. Needless to say, it was a long (or should I say “short” night).

After about three hours of sleep, I was up early to give the puppies their “beauty treatments” (bath, toenail trims and cleaning those dirty ears out! They had too much fun digging in the dirt here!). Finished loading the truck with puppy paraphernalia, food, and gifts for the bridal shower afterward and hit the road to pick up a friend who was going along.

I usually meet my puppy adopters at a hotel parking lot at the Spokane airport because it cuts off time off for those driving from the coast (instead of them driving all the way to my house) and I can meet those flying in to get their puppy. My normal routine is to set up appointments every half hour or so and meet each family individually. But all of these families graciously agreed to meet as a huge group at nine in the morning so I could make it to the eleven o’clock bridal shower.

I was able to rent the conference room at the hotel so we all had a nice place to gather and go over our puppy packets together, answer questions, give a short grooming demo and then hear the oohs and aahs as I handed out puppies. I was mean though and kept the puppies covered up in a crate while we dealt with puppy “business” and finished our meeting. I knew nobody would have heard a word that I said otherwise. 😉

One family had unfortunately missed their flight into Spokane so arrived late, but they were still able to meet the other families. I think I see new friendships forming already. ❤️

Then it was time to pack up and head for the bridal shower. But first, a surprise! My soon-to-be daughter-in-law’s mom had called me a few weeks prior with a proposal. She lives on the east coast but was going to be in Idaho on business this same weekend and wanted to surprise her daughter (who thought she wouldn’t be able to attend the shower). She flew into the airport that morning and took the shuttle to our hotel where the puppy meeting was happening. We, three ladies, loaded up in my truck, then called my son to let him in on the secret and see if he could meet us and video his fiancee’s surprised reaction.

And boy, were we able to surprise her! It was the best thing ever to see her reaction and get to see her spend time with her mom on this special day! ❤️

Then it was time to head home to check on the new litter. Thankfully, hubby was home to keep an eye on them for me!

It was a whirlwind weekend, but oh, so much fun!

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  1. ahuva hammer says:

    When one puts G-d in first place, everything else just falls into place. Mazel Tov on the new puppies and to the new families that get to have one of your precious babies.

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