Farm life

Life on the farm is busy. Even small farms like ours. Thankfully I have lots of helpers to do chores.

There’s chickens to feed. Thanks for the help Brick.

You have to water the flowers and take time to admire their beauty. Good girl, Cherry.

There’s the fruit trees to tend to. Apple is checking the pears.

Don’t forget to collect the eggs everyday. Crimson found two!

The garden takes time everyday. Looks like we need to pick some lettuce, Blush.

Looks like Berry is ready to drive the tractor and rake the hay.

And don’t forget to get your winter supply of wood ready. Looks like a good stack there, Sangria.

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6 Responses to Farm life

  1. Judy Chambers says:

    That was the sweetest non-marketing marketing imaginable!


  2. jamachiaj says:

    Working hard. I hope these pups form a union and demand extra kibble – they deserve it.


  3. Olga Standidge says:

    They are. All so beautiful. 🐾🐢❀️

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