Ninety-six toenails

That’s correct. Yesterday I trimmed ninety-six teeny tiny toenails.

The puppies at this stage are just sleeping and eating mostly. Mom takes care of keeping them clean and I take care of mom.

At this age, I’m still weighing the puppies each day. Mom gets her bed changed and of course, always must have fresh water and all the puppy food she wants. Both are getting their “mom” supplements too (Oxy Momma; nursing & recovery formula, NuVet; our wonderful human-grade vitamin/mineral/antioxidant, immune system supporter, and Pet-Cal; a calcium supplement for the nursing mom’s needs).

And since Flower’s litter are now a week old, it was time for their first toenail trims. Those little things can be needle sharp and I’m sure can get uncomfortable for mom’s sensitive skin if we don’t keep the nails trimmed.

I went ahead and trimmed Treasure’s two also since they are such big, robust pups.

Seriously, look at the size difference!

Cavaliers do tend to be more solidly built dogs than Poodles which makes me think that’s why their pups (sometimes) seem to be bigger than the Poodle moms’ pups (at least at birth). Plus Treasure only had two pups getting all the prenatal nourishment so they had a bit of an advantage.

Check these weights out from yesterday:

Kitty (purple collar) 6.9 ounces

Festus (red collar)    5.8 ounces

Marshall (green collar) 7.3 ounces

Doc (blue collar) 6.8 ounces

And Treasures’ two (who remember, are three days younger)

Hoover (male) 1 lb 1 ounce!!!

Kirby (female) 15 ounces.

I love what I do! ❤️

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