Farm Dog

Hi, my name is Sage! I am an eleven-week-old Cavapoo puppy. (If you don’t know what that is, it means my mom is a Poodle and my dad is a Cavapoo. Which makes me very special. <3) My name used to be Rainy, but my human mom changed it. I think she calls me Sage because I’m such a wise puppy. Or maybe it’s because of my color. Or maybe she just liked that name. I don’t know, but I just know it’s my name!

My dog mom’s name is Lucy and my dog dad’s name is Dickens. I have three brothers that went to live with their forever families, but human mom decided I needed to stay with her.

I love living on the farm! I have lots of friends to play with and lots of things to see and do!

I have to help mom feed the horses this dried grass stuff she calls “hay”. I’m glad I don’t have to eat that!

And my human mom has lots of these funny birds she calls “chickens” that we have to feed and water every day. And then, you know what?! These funny birds give us these yummy egg-things that I get to eat sometimes. They’re scrumptious!

And just like human farm kids, I get to learn to drive so I can help on the farm. Don’t worry, I was sitting in mom’s lap.

We drove over to the field where my human dad was working to give him something cold to drink. He was making little square things of that dried grass stuff for the horses. They eat a lot of it!

My mom works in the garden almost every day. Some days I help her. See me coming fast when she called me!

Sometimes I like to taste the plants. But my mom doesn’t like it. But I thought the garden was so we had stuff to eat?

Okay, mom. I’ll be good and not eat the pepper plant.

See, I was helping while she watered the berries. I have a mud beard now!

And sometimes I have to “protect” her from those large horse-creatures. They are soooo big!

I love living on the farm! ā¤ļø

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  1. Olga Standidge says:

    I love receiving your posts. What a wonderful life you all live. Lucky puppies. Olga

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  2. ahuva hammer says:

    sage is sooooooo cute, and i am so glad you even get time for fun with her too, You work so hard, good for you!!

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