I received this nice update in my inbox the other day . These just make my day! 😀

“Hi Jennifer!  It’s been a wonderful year since we brought Pez aka ‘Greg’ home.  He is such a perfect combination of loving, playful, gentle, curious and cuddly.  Sometimes it’s comical how ungraceful/clumsy he can be and how he thinks he’s part cat trying to balance in strange places.  He is the happiest of greeters to come home to and the best lap warmer to relax with.  He loves playing in his yard, chasing birds, and has been doing a lot of camping with us. He’s all grown up, has had several hairdos and has filled out to a whopping 27 lbs! Lol  Thank you for bringing him into the world and letting him be part of ours!


I’m pretty sure this is our biggest Cavapoo (at least that I know of )! They included some puppy and adult pictures. He was Greg (our Brady Bunch-themed litter) from Rosie and Sundae’s April 2017 litter.



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  1. Stacey says:

    This is soooo cute! We are getting SOOOOOO eager and excited in Arizona to bring our future baby home!!!!

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