Real food

Each litter is different, but around four weeks of age, we introduce “real” food. They are still happily nursing off of mom frequently. Some will start nosing around in mom’s dish of puppy kibble (which she has available at all times) and others aren’t quite interested yet in her food.

I usually start off with soaked kibble, canned meat or something similar which I add goat’s milk too. This concoction goes in a big, low pan and given to the pups while mom is out on one of her breaks.

The puppies are usually interested in that new, yummy smell, but it takes a while for them to get used to where it is and how to eat it. Sometimes they lick the outside of the dish or the edge (not quite getting to the food) and sometimes they crawl right into the dish!

016017018019020It’s a messy but fun experience!

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