You’ve heard of a “SAHM” (Stay at home mom), well, I’m a SAHDM (Stay at home dog mom). 😉 hehe

And very happy to be! And if I’m not home (going to town is at least a half day affair), then hubby is usually here with the fur-kids.

This day was an example of why I like to be home.



I know, that doesn’t seem very warm. And there was a nice breeze blowing. But mid-day is still hot outside.

So I’m home to bring the dogs inside and make sure the fan is on full-blast to keep them cool. I think the dog “house” is cooler than the human “house” right now. 😉


And then there are these little rascals invading my workspace (kitchen/dining area).


And the big lugs are taking over the living room. Feel free to sleep on the couch, Rousey. 😉


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