Exciting news!

Check this out!

Do you see what I see?!

Yes, we have confirmed this pregnancy via ultrasound. And what’s really exciting (besides that there are red puppies due next month) is that this is our ultrasound machine!

We plunked down a chunk of change to make this investment so that we can confirm pregnancies much sooner and also monitor the babies throughout the pregnancy!

My sister-in-law who is a nurse, helped me do this one. It was so exciting to see the itty bitty heartbeats ❤️ (And since we’re inexperienced at this we “think” we saw 3-4 puppies)


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8 Responses to Exciting news!


    WOW! What a fabulous way to enhance an already phenomenal puppy growing experience. As we say in the tribe: mazel tov and may you wear it in the best of health!

    Much love – es & gino

    Esther Herst, FTA 206-910-3807 megghg@msn.com



  2. Judy Chambers says:

    Wonderful on all counts. Tell me, who’s your mama?🤣


  3. Susan Redmond says:



  4. ahuva hammer says:

    what an amazing happening, internet doesnt always work out on the farm but you guys have your own sonogram hysterical, so you Jenn to keep up where ever you can!! good for you, enjoy your new toy you deserve it!!


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