A sweet note

I got this adorable card the other day from a young lady (and her family) that just got on our waiting list.

001With this sweet note enclosed and she was the one who completely filled out the Puppy Application forms.


She reminds me a bit of myself at around the same age.

I fell in love with horses when I was about twelve. I researched, and read, and begged my parents to go along with my crazy idea of getting an equine. We lived in town, no less. But my girlfriend had boarded her pony at a place at the edge of town and she was sure the next door neighbor (to her pony) would let me board with them. (Those people became family to me and still are to this day.)  But I regress…I had to find a way to make money and save for my pony. My big brother graciously gave me one street of his paper route so I could earn my own money. I started looking in the paper for ponies for sale (this was before internet of course, and the newspaper classified was the place to buy/sell things) and calling people to find out about each one, making appointments to visit them and dragging my dad along.

My hard work paid off and I got my first pony, a little, stubborn, foundered black and white Shetland pony. Not the best choice for a first-time horse owner. But it was a start to a life-long love affair. <3


This was my second pony, Babe. I bought my Shetland, Dolly for $40 and sold her for $80 three months later. She just wasn’t the right fit for me. Babe came next. She was my best buddy and got me through the turbulent teen-ager years. 😉

So Rachel, keep it up! You’re going places. <3

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