Class time

Last week Dickens started his advanced CGC (or Community CGC) class. To enroll in the Community CGC class a dog first has to pass the basic CGC class. Here is a link that explains the things a dog needs to accept to pass the CGC. Our obedience instructor offers the CGC test at the end of our six-week basic obedience class.

The advanced or community CGC is done out in the community instead of an organized class situation. Here are the requirements for the advanced and what Dickens is working on.

So for week one, we headed to one of our local nursing homes to practice and visit with the residents and staff.

133Practicing our sit-stay in the hallway.135And now for a down-stay. There are four other dogs in the class with Dickens.139This is the sweetest Mastiff puppy.

Afterwards we went to the local feed store for a….um potty break. 😉 And there was a street sale going on downtown so we went for a walk through all the booths and set-ups down main street.141And then we headed to my mobile office aka the park to do some office work. Oh, and take some adorable pictures of Dickens. <3


Then we finished the week out by going to another nursing home on Saturday to sing for the residents.


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4 Responses to Class time

  1. ahuva hammer says:

    i am so amazed at how you have time for everything you do. My cavapoo Smoochy is a Therapy Dog and i know how much time our training took, we were so busy and i dont have a farm to run too, Good for you

  2. Christina says:

    Dickens is such a handsome boy!!!

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