More tests

A couple months ago I made an appointment at our eye clinic to have our young adult Cavaliers checked.

I had enlisted the help of my girlfriend knowing it would be hard to walk six dogs into the clinic by myself. :O

The day coincided with the day my kids were returning from their honeymoon and since I had their dog we wanted to return her then also. So the truck was a bit crowded to say the least.

013103We had three to a crate as that was the only way to make it work. (With the eye clinic two hours away and with a wait time for appointments at least a month out, we don’t want to make several trips if we don’t have to.) Two crates are all that will fit in my backseat. Thankfully, they all got along well and were comfortable with the air conditioning keeping us all cool.

The front seat had two humans and this big girl.

003Justice looks so stressed at the vet’s office, doesn’t he? 😉

073020The parents of this litter both had their CERF eye clearances so I wasn’t worried about their pups, but wanted to get them checked anyway.

And the vet didn’t find any hereditary defects to cause problems with their future puppies..yeah!

The only problem we had was holding onto short muzzles of wiggly dogs while the doctor did his exam. 😉


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  1. Christina says:

    Those pups are soooo cute! Fresh faced and doe-eyed. <3

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