Apple bobbing

Have you ever been to a harvest party and tried apple bobbing? You know, where there are several apples floating in water and you have to bend over and try to grab one with your mouth only! You get your face and your hair (if it’s long enough) really wet.

Well, the dogs had their own version the other day.

I came home from town (I usually take an ice chest if I’m shopping) with my groceries and a bag of ice I bought to keep the food cold. Usually, I would just dump the ice in my flower bed, but I had a “light-bulb” moment and decided to top off the dog’s water buckets out in the play yard with the ice. I figured it would be nice for their water to be cooler.

But they had other ideas!

025They had so much fun! They were bobbing for the ice cubes. I wish I had a picture of Smudge’s face. It was a mess!

A whole lot of fun for under $2!

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