Bath time

Well, farm dogs get dirty! So farm dogs get baths too. And man was the water dirty!

444Look at that dirty face….body…everything!

206No more playing under the fir tree! Look at the pitch stuck on the end of her toe hairs!

(And don’t worry, the Dawn dish soap was not used on the puppies! That’s for dirty dog dishes and other cleaning jobs.)

440All clean, Hoover.

442Cuddle time, Kirby.

446Eww…look at that dirty water!

453I know, Festus, it’s kind of shocking how dirty you are.

458Festus, your whites are white again!

468“Can I get out of here now?”

470Is that better, Marshall?

475And last but not least, we have a clean Doc!

And with all the dirt around here (it’s been an exceptionally dry, dusty summer) the puppies will be well versed in bath time by the time they go to their forever homes. 😉




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