Last chance!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the l.a.s.t day that we will be accepting applications and the application fee to get on our waiting list!

There have been several people that have contacted me that filled out the forms months ago but forgot to send in the fee. For those of you that need to resubmit the forms again (we’ve chatted about it) I need the forms and the fee by tomorrow, please! (Or the fee at least in the mail).

And anyone else that has been following us (thank you!) and contemplating the next step (getting on the waiting list), nows your chance! 😀

Thanks, everyone!

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2 Responses to Last chance!

  1. ahuva hammer says:

    if i am looking for 3 years from now do i need to do all the paperwork now or wait, my trainer said i should wait till Smoochy is 5 years old and he just turned 2 in July. thanks and glad to see you are all out of the fires way

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