The home stretch

Seriously, you guys, this week snuck up on me. I looked at my planner and was floored to realize we’re on the home stretch. This is the last week with these little cuties! Of course, Kitty is staying on and Hoover will actually be staying for two more weeks in our Progressive Puppy Program since his family already had a vacation booked and paid for.

If you’ve enjoyed the puppy pictures and videos, don’t be sad that the puppies are leaving because our next litter should be arriving soon! So the cuteness will start all over again.

Which brings me back to this week. It’s going to be crazy!

Hubby and I have a date night planned this week (that was planned and paid for months ago), but we’ll see how that goes or if it even happens. We have two fires burning north and south of us. We are not in any danger at this point, but we are under a red flag warning so any spark, tree hitting a power line (that’s what started the northern fire and blocked our main “highway” to town), or cow fart  😛 could start another. The conditions are prime for fires. :/

Jules is due to have her puppies any time this week

The puppies will be busy with “school” as we continue with the crate exercises, clicker training, learning to go potty outside and going over some resource guarding preventatives. They have their vet check-ups this week too.

And I need to prepare their puppy packets with all their paperwork, health records, and other goodies.

So, there won’t be any formal puppy pictures this week. But I will be sharing little snapshots of what we’re doing.

I will be contacting our puppy adopters that are getting their puppies next Sunday to nail down the final arrangements for our meeting also.

So sit back and watch me go crazy this week! 😛

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