When you have a bunch of rambunctious kids, it’s always important to have a good babysitter šŸ˜‰

330Hehe..the babysitter can’t even get away to use the regular bathroom!


I know Hope, I know…348350353356358360366369372377380381384387391394399402405407

She doesn’t mind even when they think she is their mother. šŸ˜‰

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4 Responses to Babysitter

  1. Teri Lee says:

    Haha!! Grace may need a little cocktail after her shift! (Iā€™m kidding, of course!). They are all SO cute!!!!

  2. ahuva hammer says:

    so happy for her that even if she wont be “a mother” she will always have little ones to mother and love

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