The last adventure

The last adventure that the puppies went on before their final adventure to meet their new families, was a trip to the vet. And since we live where we do, it is an adventure!

From our house, we can head north up the river, cross the bridge and follow the highway around to the vet. Or we can head south from home about twenty minutes and ride the ferry across the river, then drive over the mountain to the highway and on to the vet. We headed to the ferry since that was our original plan with the road closure (although we found it had opened up again the night before.)

But even though we got there in time, the ferry was already loading and they had no room for my big truck.

004At least I was first in line for the next trip. So while we waited, I let the pups out in the bed of the truck to stretch their legs and potty.

007Moms were going in for check-ups too, so they shared one crate.

010And the pups shared another. They were very cozy. 😉

016Loaded up and first in line to get off. You can see the smoke even through my bug-splattered windshield.

018Looking north up the river. I had my window down and we were parked near the loud diesel motor, plus they got to hear the whistle blow when the ferry departed; lots of new experiences on this day.

After our fifteen-minute boat ride, we had a thirty-minute drive over a windy, mountain road before we turned onto the highway and another ten or so minutes before we arrived at the vet’s office.

Then it was check-up time. Dr. Jess looks each puppy over thoroughly, poking, feeling, listening and checking all parts.

020Sorry, Hoover, she even checks for boy parts. 😉

022Kirby doesn’t seem to mind having her ears checks when there’s cheese in front of her to eat.

026Hold still, Kitty.

029Listening to the little ticker <3

031And a little cheese distraction for Festus.

033Yep, cheese is a good distraction when you’re having your temperature taken!

036Your turn, Marshall.

039Good boy, Marshall.

041Your turn, Doc.

045He doesn’t look like he’s too sure about what’s going to happen next.

048Careful doc, you’re about to get a Treasure kiss. 😉

So after the puppies got their exams, the moms’ had their turn. Then it was time to load the truck again and head back towards town for a few errands. My friend met me in town and sat in the truck with the pups with the air conditioning going while I grabbed some groceries.

So the pups had a lot of crate time, potty breaks in the bed, a ferry ride, a drive over windy, mountains and a vet check up on their very adventurous day. And they did great!



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4 Responses to The last adventure

  1. ahuva hammer says:

    wow what amazing socializing, my Amish dog at 2 years old still can get the shivers traveling in my car, but the wonderful socializing he got with lots of kids cant be beat. So glad to know you exist and that our next dog wont have “motor-uenza”

  2. Olga Standidge says:

    I LOVE ❤️your posts. Bought a Cavachon in BC but you have been on my radar for a long time. You are such a good mum to your dogs.

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