Another trip

Well, after our visit to the fire station, I planned another trip for the puppies. This is the perfect age to get them out and about!

Since town… (I should mention there are several smalls town around here. The first is “our” town on the reservation, where my new mobile office is. *wink* It is about nine miles south of us. Then there’s another town about twenty-five miles north-east of us (that we basically drive through) to get to the next town (about ten miles further) where we do our shopping/banking/dog class, etc. Then south of that town about twenty miles is the next town where my vet is). So as I started to say since town is about a forty-five-minute drive one way, it makes for great car riding practice for the puppies. And once we get there-there are a couple of farm/feed stores that are pet-friendly and the perfect place to socialize puppies.

095First stop was for a potty break.

097I take a big bed with me and lay it in the bottom of the cart for the puppies for sanitary reasons.

101Just looking adorable as we cruise through the store.

103Oh goody! Look what I found while we were going through the store. I know. It’s for rabbits and rodents, but I think we’ve got a great new puppy toy!

108110After our shopping was done, the nice lady at the counter passed out dog treats. The employees here are always so happy to see puppies come to visit.

Next, we loaded up and headed to the second farm store for a visit. My friend met me there and we carried the pups through the store and looked around.

118They had treats here too!

120Then one more potty break before they went back in their crate.

It was a fun, educational day for the pups!

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  1. Linda larue says:

    You litter trsin them? How interesting. How easy is this

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