Going again

So after our outing to the river, the next day I decided to head to my “mobile office” in our little town and try to get some computer work done. This would be the perfect opportunity for the pups to have another car ride and also some crate time. So I loaded them up and off we went on a short ride.

I parked at my usual spot and got started on some work since the internet here was a bit faster than home. The pups were very good in the crate in the backseat, happily chewing on their bully sticks and napping for a couple hours.

Then I decided to go say “hi” to my son who was working at the nearby EMS station. He was busy doing some equipment checks when I arrived, so his partner and I had fun loving on the puppies.

073I didn’t stay too long, but the pups got to meet some people in uniform and see the firetruck too!

067 It was a fun visit 🙂

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