I got it at Ross!

On my last trip to Spokane, I needed to pick up a gift for a friend’s baby shower. My friend that was with me suggested checking at Ross. So as we ran around town doing errands we made a stop at Ross. She headed one way and I went in the direction of the baby items.

Bingo! I found a bunch of cute baby clothes for the upcoming shower. Now, for one more thing; check for books. I really wanted a cute book to add to the clothes for my gift bag. I walked around the corner a found a nice selection of books, and what I also found around the corner was the pet section. Oh no!

This is where Jen can potentially get in trouble!

How many of you shop at Ross? I don’t shop there often so I kind of forget they have pet items. And man, the toys are really priced low!

So I, um…pick up a “few” 😛

Seriously, these toys in any other store would probably be $7-9 a piece and I think the most I paid was $4.99 for the biggest one at Ross.

I’m a sucker for toys, beds, anything for the dogs. Or for that matter, any of my critters.

It’s a good thing my husband doesn’t read my blog or pay attention to dog toys. I could get in big trouble. :O

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