Puppy update

Hi everyone!

The puppies are all doing well!

They are all still hanging out in the living room, although it’s about time Jules’ pups moved to a bigger puppy pen (which doesn’t fit in my living room) and Smudgie’s pup moves into a small puppy pen from her big crate area.

I have some classical music playing in the living room while Genesis naps and Jules’ pups are playing. I set up an exercise pen outside of their puppy pen to make a nice play area so they are not all over the house while I get some work done. But first, they had to go through a little challenge by going over the door opening to get out of the pen and into the play area. I rolled up blankets to make it do-able. (Although yesterday they all managed to clamber out on their own when mom was on the outside, and with no rolled-up blankets to help them!) These little challenges are good for puppies at this age so they learn problem-solving skills which will help them later in life. Of course, we don’t want to give them something they can’t manage and just frustrate them. That would be detrimental instead of helpful.

Jules’ pups are at such a fun age! They’re finally getting more adventurous and playful. The play area is set up with some different surfaces, new toys, a cat scratching thing-a-ma-gig to climb on and their first tunnel to explore!

Tunnels are also fun to just hide in…

And nap in. 💤

There’s nothing like a puppy hug from big brother ❤️

Jules’ pups will be getting their last dose of dewormer soon (the first kind) and Genesis will be getting her first today. Toenail trims are still a (mostly) weekly task along with monitoring weights on each puppy.

I’m getting lots of videos, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to share as many as I’d like so I’m getting backlogged a bit. When I get to an area where the internet is better I will be sharing (probably a lot at once)!

There will be a new picture of Miss Genesis today too. Man, these pups grow up too fast! And speaking of that, emails are going out to those at the top of the list so we can start puppy matching. Fun times!

And, for those of you that have been asking (And I apologize profusely for not doing it sooner!) the waiting list on the website will be updated today! (Don’t worry, those of you that got on last before we closed it, you are on my list (the hard copy at home. I just hadn’t updated the list online.)

Happy Sunday, everyone! 😀

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