Gold Star Puppy

Spark got browny points today!

I put the kitty scratching post ramp (I really don’t know what it’s called) in front of the puppy pen door today to make it easier for the pups to clamber out of the puppy pen into the play area. It seemed like a sturdier option then my rolled up blankets from yesterday. The puppies agreed.

I also made up my “lazy litter box” again in the play area; the plastic tray with half a potty pad in it (just in case they didn’t want to make the valiant effort to climb back into the pen to use their regular litter box.) By the way, I usually only use potty pads in the trays under the puppy pens to catch anything that might drop through the floor. I don’t like using potty pads (normally) for a puppy to potty on because they usually end up dragging them around (and when they’re older) shredding them!

Looks like somebody utilized the “lazy” litter box.

I was in and out of the living room as the puppies continued to play in their play area. And on one trip back through the living room I happened to catch Spark inside the puppy pen using his regular litter box! Gold star puppy points for you little man!

I can’t believe he stopped playing, climbed back in the pen and used his box. What a good boy!

Okay, you’re good puppies too 😉

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