The struggle is real

I get it, Hope. I like to eat too. I’ve got some extra weight I need to lose too. And we’re both working on it. Me, by choice. You, by compulsion. Because I know if you had it your way, you’d be doing the Cleopatra thing lounging on your bed while your servants placed morsels of food in your mouth one by one throughout the day, only taking breaks for long, loud (*insert snoring sounds) naps and quick trips outside for a potty break.


A couple of months ago we put Hope on a diet. I bought some high-quality “diet” food for dogs, which she loved! (Okay, Hope loves pretty much any food). She went through two small bags and lost one pound in the process. *sigh* I guess one pound is good when you are a small dog. But I didn’t think it was worth paying twenty-some dollars for a five-pound bag of dog food, so when the last bag ran out I switched her back over to the regular food again.

Hubby weighed her again the other day and she had gained a half pound…….πŸ™„

So hubby decides to start taking her on some of his daily walks; not every day, to ease her into it. (We live on a mountain so most of our walks are either up or down with a little bit of levelness thrown in between.)

The first one well went. She walked all the way down the hill to the mailbox and then back up to our “Y” and that’s where she tuckered out. That in itself was quite a feat for a chunky, little short-legged couch potato princess.

Luckily, hubby had taken his backpack with him in case he needed to carry her part of the way, so she got to ride out the rest of the walk.

He didn’t walk the next couple of days and then headed out this morning again and decided to take Hope with him.

She was a little more hesitant to go this time. “Um, no, dad. I don’t think I want to go on another walk with you.”

But she did finally stop pulling on the leash and sashayed down the driveway with him.

And came back like this!

Ever the princess! πŸ‘‘

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  1. Olga Standidge says:

    Hope is so adorable. I love her 🐢🐾❀️

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