Common core for puppies

Yep, even puppies have to go to school and learn. Today we worked on common core math word problems with the puppies. I know, it sounds complicated, but these little tykes are smart! 😉

Let me give you some examples:

  1. If a black umbrella opened in the kitchen how many blenders does it take to vacuum the floor?
  2. If your puppy hair is red and wavy and you’re going for a car ride up a hill at twenty miles an hour would you use:
  • a) a pink human hair dryer
  • b) a pair of blue dog clippers
  • c) an orange professional dog dryer
  • d) all of the above

I know it’s hard to believe but the puppies passed all these tests with flying colors!

P.S. If my blog post/math problems are too confusing, let me simplify. We worked with all these appliances/machines, etc today and the puppies did great!

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