Another project

It’s a good thing my hubby is a talented handyman because I usually think of another project that “needs” done before he’s finished with his current one. 😉 hehe

I haven’t talked about the dog house in a while because he hasn’t done much since he worked on it this spring. He built dividers for inside and we recently ordered custom doors to be added. I still need to also order my big wash tub, although the plumbing and drain system is in. So once we get a little more “finished”, I’ll be sharing pictures.

In the meantime, I mentioned to him how “we” (he loves when I use “we” because it ends up being “he” doing all the work 😛 ) should set up a covered run in the backyard off the laundry room door right behind the garage. With so many dogs in the house over the winter, we really need a dry area to let them out to potty. Otherwise, I have a pack of wet dogs to dry off each time they go out to potty. It would be a mess!

Ideally, it would be a long, narrow run up against the back garage wall which is right off the back door.

But since winter is fast approaching and I “need” this done before winter hits, we’re improvising with a bigger chain-link kennel that we already have. This was a big 12′ x 12′ kennel that hubby rigged up with a roof. It has been used over the years for a German Shepherd we got as an adult (since our property is not completely fence we needed a safe place for her at night and when we weren’t home), our goats (that we no longer have), chickens and rabbits.

Right now he is dismantling the roof and pen, cleaning it and moving it to the backyard. It will be a temporary fix like I said since it’s too big for my ideal spot and the roof is pitched the wrong way.

But it will be so nice to have a covered potty area come this winter. Thanks, honey!

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