Mercy, Mercy

I am usually a bit apprehensive when I have a brand new expectant mom about to deliver her first batch of puppies. With the seasoned moms you kind of know what to expect, how they’ve acted before and how they’ve tended to their babies. But with a new mom, you just have no idea how things will turn out.

I am very happy to report that Mercy has already proven herself to be an excellent mother. After delivering her six puppies in about three hours time, she took over cleaning, nursing and nurturing them.

They were all born at a nice size and except for the big guy staying his birthweight over the first night, they have all steadily increased their weight with each weigh-in (which I do morning and evening at this stage).

Mercy is a very steady, calm mom. Sometimes we have to worry about the mom laying down on a baby or sleeping against the edge of the bed with a baby getting squished behind her. And sometimes the mom will curl up in a little ball kind of huddling with their puppies, but it makes it hard for the pups to get in and nurse especially with a larger sized litter.

Mercy has been very attentive to her charges, being careful to know where they are. I’ve hardly had to help rescue any from under or behind her. And she stretches out on her side so everyone can get in to nurse that good momma milk.

To say that I’m very pleased is an understatement ❤️

Tricolor male (no collar needed)

Black & tan male (blue & tan collar)

Black & tan female (hot pink collar)

Black & tan female (purple collar)

Black & tan male (rainbow collar)

Black & tan female (pink collar)


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  1. Teri Lee says:

    I don’t know how you do this AND take the time to blog the details. I love reading about your adventures with these precious dogs!

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